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Do I Have a Case?

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Do I Have a Case?

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John Elmore is Buffalo’s Personal Injury Lawyer

I didn’t start out in life planning to sue anyone.  Chances are, neither did you.

My father always told me that you earn a day’s pay with a day of hard work.  That’s how I represent my personal injury clients.

Growing up, my father was a firefighter and owned a window cleaning business in Olean, New York.  My mother was a customer service representative for a utility company.  They were honest, hardworking people.  Unfortunately, my father was injured by someone else’s negligent and reckless conduct.  He was never able to work again.  Even worse, the lawyer they hired failed to get them anything for his injuries.  They had a good case – one they should have easily won – and their lawyer’s failure to do his best for them changed the rest of my parents’ lives.

It also changed mine.  I realized how important it is that hardworking families have competent and diligent attorneys to help them.  I work hard every day to get my clients the best results, like my father taught me.  Whether fighting against a big insurance company for an injured person or defending someone wrongly accused of a crime, for over 25 years I’ve used hard work and determination to get justice for my clients.

While my law firm is based in Buffalo, I still have strong connections with Olean and represent people throughout Western New York in both personal injury and criminal matters.  If you have a case, I would be glad to hear from you.

John Elmore