Trip and Fall

trip and fallIf you spill something on the floor of your home, you clean it up quickly. If there is ice on your sidewalk, you salt it. Why? Because you don’t want anyone to fall and get hurt. As a community, most Western New Yorkers try to follow common sense safety rules to keep families and guests safe in their homes. Most commercial property owners follow their own common sense rules to keep their customers safe. But not everybody uses common sense when it comes to their property.

When a dangerous condition causes someone to fall and suffer a personal injury, the landowner is responsible for that harm. Landowners don’t have to be perfect, but if there is a problem on their property, they have to take steps to make it safe in a reasonable amount of time. If they don’t and someone gets hurt, the homeowner’s insurance or business insurance is there to compensate people who fall down because of a dangerous condition.

The truth is that sometimes falling down is your own fault. If that’s what happened to you, then you have no case. But if you are injured on someone’s property, it may be worth investigating exactly what made you fall. Just as you look out for the safety of your visitors, other property owners are required to look out for you. If the landowner failed to keep their property safe, you may be entitled to money from their insurance company.