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John makes you feel like family

“I am very happy, great service, I appreciate you guys! I feel like a sister! I am happy and excited about the money I received.”

– Savannah

Your Firm has Been a Blessing to Me

“I feel really good, you have been a great lawyer. You have done everything that you said you were going to do. I am very grateful to you and your firm because you have truly been a blessing to me. This is the most money that I have ever had at one time in my life.”

– Larry Tompkins

John is a great lawyer and does everything to help

“I thank my son for knowing somebody like you, that we could trust to handle my case. You will always be in my prayers, remembered and my friend. I thank you for everything. I fell on ice at the building where I live. I will tell anybody who needs a good lawyer to see John Elmore because he will do right by you."

–Miss Queenie Thomas

John V. Elmore cares for our community

"When I was injured in an accident, I lost my job and was afraid of losing everything that I worked for in a lifetime. John V. Elmore aggressively fought the insurance company and settled my case in only 14 months. I can say from personal experience that John V. Elmore cares for our community and fights for his clients.” — Jaunita N.

John also litigated my case professionally and aggressively

I was involved in a serious car accident. I needed the best attorney for my protection and security. John referred me to the best doctors and made sure that my medical bills were paid. John also litigated my case professionally and aggressively with the insurance company to ensure I receive the maximum settlement that I was entitled to.” — Ron W.

He loves our community and he is a fighter for our community

When I was seriously injured in a car accident, I chose John V. Elmore because I believe he is one of the best personal injury lawyers in Western New York. John V. Elmore is from our community, he loves our community and he is a fighter for our community. John V. Elmore referred me to the best doctors and he made sure all my medical bills were paid. He filed the lawsuit and protected my legal rights with aggression and tenacity." — Abdul

Attorney John V. Elmore took my case

When I fell on the Slumlord property and broke my wrist, it was hard to find a lawyer to take my case. The Slumlord abandoned their property and moved overseas. There was no insurance on the property. I lost my job and I was broke. Attorney John V. Elmore took my case and was smart enough to sue the company that managed the property." — Travis H.

John V. Elmore successfully helped

I was seriously hurt in a car accident, the insurance company refused to pay claiming I ran a red light. I heard that John V. Elmore was one of the best personal injury lawyers in Buffalo. He explained the legal process to me in terms that I could understand and made sure that all my medical bills were paid. My case was settled for the full insurance policy amount. When my daughter was in a car accident. I called John V. Elmore and he met us at the emergency room of the hospital in less than an hour.  John V. Elmore successfully helped my daughter just like me.” — Jerome J.

He won the fight

When I was involved in an automobile accident I immediately hired buffalo’s number one personal injury lawyer, John V. Elmore, because I wanted the best I chose the best. Mr. Elmore has a reputation as a compassionate and caring and hardworking attorney. John V. Elmore stayed by my side during the entire time of need, and fought to protect my legal rights. John V. Elmore is a man of integrity. He won the fight against the insurance company lawyers, and got me the money I so rightfully deserved.  If you’re injured in an accident I highly recommend that you call John V. Elmore, buffalo’s number one personal injury lawyer

-Brenda Russell and I am a retired buffalo school teacher.

john got us the money that we deserved

For the past twenty five years I have been sending my customers who have been injured in accidents to attorney John V. Elmore. All of my customers have given John V. Elmore rave reviews. I never imagined I would need him until my wife was in a head on crash, John V. Elmore handled her case with aggression and professionalism. John V. Elmore fought the insurance company that wanted us to settle the case cheap. In the end john got us the money that we deserved. John V. Elmore is a great guy and a great attorney. So if you’re ever injured in an accident call buffalo’s number one accident attorney, John V. Elmore.

- Jason Maclin owner of Choppa Fellas Barber Shops.

John is a compassionate, caring attorney

I have heard too many horror stories from friends who were injured in accidents and hired the wrong lawyer because of television commercials or billboards. When I was injured in an accident I hired attorney John V. Elmore. Because of his reputation John V. Elmore and his entire staff treated me professionally and with compassion. They cared about me and treated me like family. John V. Elmore raged war against the insurance companies and made them pay me the full insurance policy amount. I used the money from my settlement to buy a home for my family. I can tell you from my own experience that John V. Elmore lived up to his reputation. John is a compassionate, caring attorney who gets results.

-Lisha McClinton I am an African American business owner.

Thank you John V. Elmore

When I was hurt in an accident I hired attorney John V. Elmore. I knew that John V. Elmore would get the job done because he has been doing it in Niagara Falls, and the Niagara Falls community for over twenty five years. I knew I hired the right guy when the next day after the accident, attorney Elmore personally showed up at the auto impound to personally take photos of the damage to my car. John V. Elmore has a professional staff that was available to me 100 percent of the time. After John V. Elmore filed the law suit, he made the insurance company pay the money that I deserved in just fourteen months. Thank you John V. Elmore.

-Pastor Timothy J Brown Sr. of the MT Zion missionary Baptist church in Niagara Falls

highly recommended his law Firm

John V. Elmore is the best lawyer in buffalo he took very good care of me with both of my cases he took his time with me and explain everything to me. I would highly recommended his law firm to anyone that needs a great lawyer.

- Rodney turner Sr.

He’s a brilliant negotiator

I would give John 10 stars if I could. In the beginning I made the mistake of hiring another law firm to handle my personal injury case. After almost a year of getting the run around I called john. Immediately john and the team at the Steve Boyd law firm got the ball rolling. Everyone was so professional, ethical and caring. John’s knowledge and work ethic of his practice are second to none. He’s a brilliant negotiator. He made sure I was compensated well for someone else negligence. John V. Elmore should be everyone's first choice!


He did an excellent job

John V. Elmore was a good lawyer who was reasonably priced and made his client feel heard. He did an excellent job with my case. Highly recommended.

- Pedro B

He’s super patient

Mr. Elmore helped me with a case regarding an accident injury. He was extremely knowledgeable about the process. He also helped with a speeding ticket and offered knowledge about a discrimination case I had. He’s super patient & offers school tips!

- Breonna

He showed that he cared about me

John is kind and friendly. He kept me informed and delivered as promised. He showed that he cared about me and my family. I received a six figure settlement for my accident case in less than one year.

- Demetrius Scott

He is a true professional who fights hard

I hired Mr. Elmore for two accident cases. One each case I received the maximum settlement. All of my medical bills were paid. He is a true professional who fights hard and really cares.

- Demar

truly a great lawyer

I never encountered a single problem with the law in my 40 years on this earth until earlier this year- 2015. I am a married man, have four children- two college grads, and a successful career of 19 years that I love! When I was wrongly arrested, I had no idea of what to do or who to call until I recalled seeing an attorneys billboard on Delevan & Humboldt St. In Buffalo, NY.

All of these blessings were almost gone in an instant when local police officials wrongfully arrested me. Attorney John V. Elmore was attentive, punctual, and excellent in his representation of me. His confidence, knowledge of the law, and ability to explain the legal jargon to me in plain English allowed me to have peace of mind. Attorney Elmore’s diligence and tenacity gave me back my freedom, piece of mind, protected my family's right to privacy, and worked collaboratively with my employer to maintain my career.

What else could anyone ask of their attorney? I stumbled upon the review of attorney Elmore that shed negative light on his practices by accident. Although I’m extremely busy researching topics for a paper I’m writing, I had to speak up and defend his hard work ethic. Even if it means not getting my research paper emailed out on time. Perhaps the author should have been a little more patient and trusting of the representation... I’m sorry, who knows? Sorry your case didn't work out but he is truly a great lawyer.

- Donald

dedicated to helping

My elderly Mother who's deceased, was in Sister's hospital being treated for a stroke, the social worker met with myself (power of attorney) in regards to placement for a Rehabilitation center; however without my prior knowledge and consultation with my mother, she was transferred wrapped up in sheets against her will, without knowledge of where she was going and without me being contacted in the middle of the winter. After arriving to the Hospital for a routine visit, I discovered this , immediately in route to the Rehabilitation center, I contacted Attorney John V. Elmore, he calmed me down, listened very attentively, he empathize with my anger, and informed me of my Mother's rights and my legal options. He's proven to be dedicated to helping all people receive fair and just treatment.


I would not hesitate to hire John again

John is a great attorney. He represented me in a case brought by a local government official. Not only did he get charges dismissed, he also ensured sealing of the record as well. This was after my previous attorney had convinced me that I would be convicted, resulting in my resignation from a high level government position. I would not hesitate to hire John again if the need arises.

- George

my "go to" attorney

And yes, he IS that good. As a retired law enforcement officer, I've seen the good, the bad and the very ugly in "representation". Mr. Elmore falls into none of those categories for he is in a class all his own. You will find NO better representation, whatever your case may be, in WNY. Because of my former profession, I could not get involved in friends arrest cases (and yes, sometimes bad things happen to good people), Mr. Elmore was and is my first recommendation. For those who took my advice, they were NEVER disappointed with the results. Even when faced with job termination, Mr. Elmore put on his cape and saved the day for all of them. He has been and will continue to be my "go to" attorney, whatever the problem may be


He did a great job during my proceedings

Mr. Elmore represented me back in 1997. He helped me through the whole process. He informed my family and I about things we should expect. No fancy (high tech) Legal terminology; everything was plain and simply. He did a great job during my proceedings. What he told me haunted me in my following proceedings.

- Carl

John V. Elmore is Fighting for Your Life

John Elmore

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Our Past Case Results


Personal Injury

Outcome: $1,000,000.00

Description: Rear end accident with settlement 4 weeks before trial.

Confidential Settlement

Slip and Fall

Outcome: $975,000

Description: Settlement 4 weeks before trial – Construction Accident.


Personal Injury

Outcome: $457,000

Description: Verdict after trial – Slip and Fall Accident.

Kenneth H.

Personal Injury

Outcome: $1,600,000.00

Description: Award for a plaintiff injured in a car crash.

Robert H.

Personal Injury

Outcome: $1,350,000 settlement

Description: Case settled for $1,350,000 during trial for back injuries sustained in an auto accident.

Estate of Jessica

Wrongful Death

Outcome: Maximum coverage paid in settlement. Amount confidential.

Description: Young girl killed by a drunk driver.

Kathy R.

Personal Injury

Outcome: $500,000.00 maximum coverage paid by the insurance company.

Description: Neck injury leads to $500,000.00 settlement for Hamburg restaurant owner injured in a car accident.

Lori H.

Personal Injury

Outcome: $550,000 settlement

Description: Neck and rotator cuff injury leads to maximum settlement for Amherst nurse injured in a car accident.

Monica C.

Personal Injury

Outcome: $250,000 settlement during trial

Description: Niagara Falls van passenger paid the maximum insurance policy for a neck injury.

Estate of Richard

Wrongful Death

Outcome: Confidential maximum settlement above the insurance coverage.

Description: Father killed when a drunk driver drove the wrong way on a local highway.

Anthony L.

Personal Injury

Outcome: $750,000

Description: Award for a plaintiff injured in a car crash.

Kathy W. vs. New York Central Mutual

Personal Injury Trial

Outcome: $240,000 plaintiff’s verdict.

Description: A Niagara County jury awarded $240,000.00 for a non-surgical herniated disc.

Peter W.

Personal Injury

Outcome: $794,000 settlement

Description: Brain injury leads to $794,000 settlement. The plaintiff went on to earn his Master’s degree and put his life back together.

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